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Terms & Conditions
Reunion Resort and Golf Club
Thank you for your business.  We are excited to welcome you to the only official vacation home rental program of Reunion Resort & Golf Club and we hope you enjoy your stay!


With Reunion Resort Vacation Rental Homes, you get to select the home of your choice based on your vacation preferences.  We feel this is the best way to ensure your complete satisfaction with the home.  While we will always try to keep guests in the specific home they have requested and booked, sometimes circumstances beyond our control may require us to move bookings to another Reunion Resort vacation rental home.  In the rare instance that this should occur, we will always endeavor to ensure that the reservation is moved to a home of similar or better quality than the home originally reserved and will make every attempt to communicate this change to the guest at the earliest possible opportunity prior to arrival

The person booking the reservation is considered the guest.  The guest must be at least 25 years of age to reserve the home and must occupy the rental property for the entire duration of the stay.  The name on all documents must match; name of guest on Vacation Rental Agreement, name on credit/debit card provided for payment, name on government issued photo ID.

The guest must sign the Vacation Rental Agreement to confirm the reservation.  Failure to sign this contract will result in cancellation of the reservation and may incur cancellation penalties as outlined in our cancellation policy.

The vacation rental home is not to be used to host large parties or events.  Any guest having a large party or event or any action that may be deemed or interpreted as intent to have an event or party, will be required to vacate the premises without a refund.  Additionally, if it is discovered upcoming guests are hosting a party or event gathering in the vacation rental home, Reunion Resort reserves the right to cancel the reservation prior to the guest's stay, with recompense at Reunion Resort's judgement.

Drug use in or near the vacation rental home or resort property is strictly prohibited.  Guests are not allowed to use the property for any immoral or unlawful purposes.  Any guest who violates any law or ordinance will immediately terminate occupancy without a refund.

The property is located in a residential neighborhood.  Excessive noise at a level that disturbs the neighbors is prohibited.  Reunion Resort & Golf Club has a noise ordinance of 10:00 PM each evening.  After 10:00 PM, noise must be kept to a minimum.  Guests who do not comply and disrupt the peace after 10:00 PM will be required to vacate the property without refund and are responsible for any fines resulting from a violation of the noise ordinance. 

The vacation rental home will be inspected prior to arrival to ensure that the property is clean and in good repair.  If there are concerns or issues with the rental property, please immediately contact our front desk (leave a message if there is no answer).  The registered guest must notify Reunion Resort within 4 hours of arrival if there is any preexisting damage or notable conditions in the rental property.  The guest is responsible for the cost of any damages sustained to the property, decor, or its contents during the stay, including the moving of items to another property, breakage or excess cleaning charges.  No refunds or considerations will be given unless we are notified of problems during your stay.

There is no daily housekeeping service, unless arranged in advance with Reunion Resort for an additional fee.

RV campers, enclosed trailers/tents, and freezer trucks are not allowed on or near the property, as set forth by the individual community guidelines.

Due to security reasons, software or files may not be downloaded by guests on any in-home computer, tv, gaming system or tablet.

In an effort to provide a peaceful and positive experience, the property may or may not have Smart Home Technology installed.  This proactive technology can help prevent problems before they arise.  Smart Home Technology can include remotely monitored air conditioning thermostats, remotely monitored door locks, and remotely monitored pool heater controls.  


A deposit of 20% of the total stay amount (including taxes and service fees) is due at the time of reservation confirmation. The deposit becomes non-refundable 48 hours after booking. The remaining balance is due 30 days before arrival. Cancellations made 0-29 days prior to arrival will result in the loss of all monies paid.  Reservations must be secured with a valid credit card issued by American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Proper validation of credit card holder identity will be required prior to arrival.
To process cancellations, written notification is required. Regrettably, Reunion Resort cannot waive any cancellation fees under any circumstances.
Once a home has been confirmed, the reservation dates and the rental property cannot be changed.  Doing so would effectively cancel the original reservation, and the cancellation policy would apply.  Please note, no refunds will be given for late arrivals, early departures or unused days during your reservation.
In the event of a rental property becoming unavailable through unforeseen damage or circumstances beyond the company’s control, Reunion Resort will seek to offer alternative accommodation.  In the event alternative accommodations cannot be secured or are unacceptable to the guest, the company will refund all monies paid to the company.  This will be the full extent of the company’s liability to the guest and the company will not be responsible for any other costs connected with any such cancellation.


Reservations must be secured by a valid credit/debit card issued by American Express, Discover, Master Card, or Visa.  Guest agrees that guest's credit or debit card on file can be charged for any additional amounts due under these terms and conditions.  Method of payment and matching government issued photo ID must be presented at time of check-in.

All reservations are subject to a one-time mandatory departure cleaning fee, a daily resort fee, and governmentally imposed fees and taxes.  The resort fee provides access to our exclusive amenities.  Fees and taxes are not included in the nightly rate, are non-negotiable and subject to change without notice.

A deposit will be due at the time of reservation booking and is non-refundable 48 hours after time of booking.  This deposit will be applied to the total amount due.  The remaining balance, as well as the security deposit (if booking Isole Villa)  and any optional add on amenities such as pool heat and housekeeping services will be charged 60 days prior to arrival and will be non-refundable.  For reservations made within 60 days of arrival date, full non-refundable payment is due, including refundable security deposit (if booking Isole Villa) at time of reservation booking.  No refunds will be issued within the 30-day cancellation window of a reservation, excepting Force Majeure.  The final payment will be automatically billed to the credit card on file. 

Force Majeure Clause: Policy obligation for reservations by either party is subject to Acts of God, government authority, disaster, or other emergencies, any of which make it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities and/or services for your reservation. It is provided that a reservation may be terminated for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from one party to the other without liability.


A security deposit is required for all vacation rental reservations in Isole Villa of $3,500.  This will be refunded within 14 days of departure if no damage is found.  Reunion Resort & Golf Club has the right to require an additional security deposit for reservations booked less than 14 days in advance.

The security deposit protects against guest/invitee caused losses and damages, inventory discrepancies, and excess cleaning or trash sustained to the vacation property throughout the duration of their period of occupancy.  The security deposit will be refunded within 14 days of your departure, subject to satisfactory inspection of the home after departure. 

In the event of any uncovered guest/invitee caused loss or damage to the vacation property, Reunion Resort & Golf Club is hereby granted the right to charge the registered guest's credit/debit card.  By written or electronic endorsement of the vacation rental contract, guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above.  


The Property Protection Fee is charged to all reservations and varies by property.  The Property Protection Fee in non-refundable and covers reported accidental or unintentional damage to the Property or its contents, whether caused by quest or guest's invitees.  The value of the property protection is up to $1,000 for condominium and townhome properties and $1,500 for homes.  All claims must be reported in writing to ReunionRentalTeam@reunionresort.com within 24 hours in order to be considered for coverage.  Theft or damage resulting from the following are not covered and will result in additional charges to the guest: intentional damage, gross negligence, willful and malicious conduct, damage to electronic devices, theft, normal wear and tear, acts of god, and any cause absent proper notification.  Furthermore, damage caused by any animal, motor vehicle, watercraft, BBQ grills, candles, cigarettes, vape pens, other smoking devices, damages to linens or towels, or any cause in breach of this agreement will not be covered by the Property Protection Fee.

The Property Protection Fee will become void upon departure and any unreported damage found by Reunion Resort & Golf Club will be the sole responsibility of the guest on the reservation.  Guest agrees that he/she will be fully responsible for all costs and damages not covered by the Property Protection Fee, and authorizes Reunion Resort to charge such costs to the guest's credit card on file.

All claims of theft or damage will be administered by the staff, which has sole authority to reasonably determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs, and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein.

The Property Protection Fee is provided and administered by Reunion Resort & Golf Club and is not an insurance policy.  Reunion Resort & Golf Club does not guarantee full coverage for Guests.  The Property Protection Fee does not provide liability coverage and does not cover vehicles or guest personal items.


All properties are non-smoking and absolutely no pets are allowed.  Non-compliant guests will incur an additional deep cleaning fee with a minimum charge of $500.  In the event a deep clean is needed, resulting in the home being unprepared or not rental, you would be responsible for the costs incurred moving the incoming guest to another home.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA's) are subject to the pet policy.

Service Animals, as defined by 413.08, Fla. Stat. (2017) and including animals in training, are exempt from this section, provided a written request for reasonable accommodations is made at the time of reservation.  A person who knowingly and willfully misrepresents herself or himself as using a service animal or being qualified to use a service animal commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

Reunion Resort reserves the right to remove any animal or inappropriate behavior.


By state law, occupancy may not exceed what is posted for each rental property.  Infants under 2 years old will not count in the maximum occupancy.  Non-compliant guests will be required to check out early with no refund.


Check in time begins at 4:00 PM  and check out is before 10:00 AM.  An early check in or late check out may be arranged based on availability for an additional fee.  Please contact us prior to your arrival to make these arrangements.  Failure to vacate the property by check out time, resulting in the home being unprepared for the next arriving guest, you would be responsible for the costs incurred moving the incoming guest to another home.


Private home swimming pools do not have a lifeguard on duty and guest understand that the use of the pool is entirely at the guest's own risk.  Diving, horseplay and running in the pool area is prohibited.  Children, of any age, or adult non-swimmers will not use the pool without adequate adult supervision.  Children under 3 must wear a disposable swim pants before entering the pool.  Safety fencing and/or pool alarms must be used at all times and doors must be kept closed and locked.  The guest must immediately report any problems with the pool alarms or pool safety fencing.

Spillover spa use should be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes at a time.  Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems and people using alcohol or other medications that cause drowsiness should not use the spa without first consulting a doctor.

All homes have door alarms and/or child safety fences.  Please do not tamper with the pool alarms.  According to Chapter 515.33 of the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act: Anyone tampering with or disconnecting pool alarms commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable by a $5,000 fine or one (1) year in jail.  Reunion Resort & Golf Club will assess a minimum charge of $75 per alarm for its repair/replacement.

Private home swimming pools are not heated by default, nor is pool heat available for all homes. For guests staying in homes with pool heating systems, pool heat is available for purchase year-round. The supplement is $75-$100 (depending on pool size) per day with a 3-day minimum and must be purchased for the full length of stay, not subject to taxes, unless otherwise stated on an individual property listing. The cost of this supplement is not included in the nightly rate and must be specifically requested at time of booking.

Please note that it may take 12-24 hours for a pool or spa to reach temperature. Pool heaters are designed to heat water temperature to approximately 10 degrees above the ambient air temperature. Pool heaters have electrical/mechanical components. Guests are not permitted to access the pool heater at any time during their stay. Refund requests due to mechanical failure will be assessed on an individual basis by the resort before a refund is issued. Refunds are not guaranteed.


Air conditioning in any vacation rental home should not be set below 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) by the guest.  Setting the thermostat to a lower temperature will not cool the property quicker.  Setting the temperature below 72 degrees Fahrenheit may result in the system freezing up.  If this occurs the air conditioning will have to be turned off to allow the unit to defrost.  The guest will have no air conditioning during this time and will be responsible for the technician's call-out charges.  If the windows have condensation that is a definite sign the air conditioning temperature is set too low and there is a risk of freezing the air conditioning unit.  Please keep windows and doors closed when not in use. 


If the home offers a barbecue grill or fireplace/fire pit for use or a barbecue grill has been reserved via any third party, be aware that it is being used at the guest's own risk. Guests will be held responsible for any damages caused by use or misuse of the grill or fireplace/fire pit.  Only use the grill in open, outdoor areas.  The grill must not be used in any enclosed areas.


Guests shall comply with all laws and rules affecting the vacation rental property and resort amenities.  Fireworks, open flames, candles and inherently dangerous activities are prohibited.

When you rent the vacation rental home, you assume responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property.  Always lock the doors and windows when you leave the vacation home.  Reunion Resort does not accept liability for lost or stolen personal property of the guest during the rental period.

It is the guest's responsibility to supervise children at all times.  Children under a certain age should not be allowed to use features intended for adults such as gyms, saunas, etc. where they could potentially injure themselves.  Children should not be allowed to use items intended for adults, such as billiard tables or other items where they could potentially cause damage.  Games, toys, baby furniture/equipment are used at the guest's own risk and the guest is responsible for any damage caused. 

Report chirping alarms, as they indicate low batteries in safety devices.

Furniture cannot be taken outside or moved without the express written approval of Reunion Management.

Florida wildlife may pose a danger.  Approach all outdoor areas with caution.  Never feed or approach wildlife.  Common Central Florida wildlife includes but is not limited to alligators, snakes, raccoons, foxes and sandhill cranes.  It is very dangerous to allow these animals and many others to become accustomed to receiving food from humans, as it may result in future attacks.  Feeding alligators in Florida is illegal.  Statute 372.667 makes it a misdemeanor to feed alligators.  It is illegal to feed raccoons, foxes, and sandhill cranes, Florida Statute 68A-4.001 lists feeding these animals as a misdemeanor.  Reunion Resort's preventable efforts cannot guarantee there will not be an encounter with wildlife, bugs, insects, or pests of all types.  Guests agree Reunion Resort cannot be held accountable for encountering any of the above, whether outside or inside their rental home.  Every property is inspected to check there are not pests present.  If pests are ever suspected, the guest must immediately contact Reunion Resort who will contact a third-party pest control company for further inspection and treatment if deemed necessary.

Reunion Resort does not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from your failure to use due caution.  Children must be supervised at all times. 

If the guest ever feels they may be in a life-threatening situation for any reason or need emergency medical attention, the guest is urged to call 9-1-1 immediately before calling Reunion Resort front desk.
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